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RacingECU.com is your marketplace for Electromotive everything. Here you'll find Electromotive ECU's (computers), Electromotive parts, and Electromotive Accessories. Our prices on Electromotive products will not be beat. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about Electromotive products check out Electromotive FAQ webpage, or Contact Us directly.

Electromotive brings you the latest in standalone engine management systems technology, Electromotive products are truely a step above the rest. Your forced induction engine or Naturally aspirated motor is now safe with us. Electromotive's processing technology gives you fast results, while maintaining a clean and small package that is easy to install. Electromotive engine management systems carry a 1 year warranty.

Electromotive makes several different ECU's to fit your needs and Budget. The Electromotive TecGT is the best universal ECU available, featuring many options that make it applicable to many different engine configurations. The Electromotive TecM is the perfect plug-n-play solution to replace the Motronic control unit in OBD1 E36 cars. The Electromotive Tec3r has the power to handle larger engines and now comes with the updated WinTec4 software. The Electromotive Tec3 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Electromotive Tec3r.

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